Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's About Time

Hey all,
Hope you haven't fallen out of your seat in amazement that we are actually blogging again. So sorry that it's been such a long, long time.
Yea, it's finally summer. Well, sort of. Breezy, but not too hot. Much better than what is happening on the East coast, where it has been raining forever. Hope you're having a good one so far.
We have a new teacher who you have to meet! Alethea Ballard is outrageously creative, and came up with the design for this quilt.

Isn't it fantastic! Even better up close and personal. She's teaching a class on July 26th. And even better, she's doing a Drop In Art Class every Friday from 9:30 til 12:30 for $15 a class. Come play with her; you'll have a great time.

Here's another version of the same quilt:

Cool, isn't it?

We also have some new batiks in beautiful gradations of yellows, greens, purples, and pinks.

New Releases! Wildwood is a new fabric line from Free Spirit by Erin McMorris. Very fun and contemporary. Come and get it while it's still here.

If you came in today, you'd find Chocolate Chip cookies up by the register thanks to the fabulous Kathy August.

Stop by soon! And next time we won't let so much time go by between postings.

From Me To You: Diamond Jubilee II

From Me To You:  Diamond Jubilee II
Cheryl - Kaffe Fasset Fabric