Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Treats

Don't you just love Halloween? We do, especially when our customers come in their adorable children. Shown here are Taryn and Emma Bryant, who stopped in with mom for a visit today. We loved Emma's costume, and Taryn is already a fashionista with her fabulous shoes, gloves, and matching purse. Thanks for coming in, ladies! You brightened up our day.

Come on in and enjoy 25% off of all Halloween fabrics. Stock up for next year, or make Halloween placemats using the placemat pattern from Artichoke Collection. Fun and easy!

And Mark Lipinski, thanks for the call. We would love to see you, but MUCH sooner than 2010!

Have a bootiful Halloween!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Monday Drop In Crew Admires Myrtle's Quilt

Kathy and Jane with Northcott's Vic Dadika, and Marilyn Drew

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

One is silver, and the other is gold. I can't tell you how many times my mom sang that to me while I was growing up. It's turned out to be great advice.

Here at The Quilter's Inn we meet so many new people (and please forgive us if we don't always remember your names--we're all "of that age"). It's what makes working at the store such a pleasure. (OK, being surrounded by bolts of beautiful fabrics helps, too.)

There are a couple of groups who meet on a regular basis at The Quilter's Inn, including the Monday Drop In with the most wonderful teaching duo: Margaret Linderman and Janis Stob. A long-time student, Myrtle, is standing next to the quilt she just finished for one of her grandddaughters. Great job, Myrtle!

In the past couple of weeks we've made some new friends, including June Bugbee, owner of Sew Many Treasures in Williston, VT. June's son lives in the area, and he and his wife were expecting to deliver at any second, so June was just a little excited. (June, you have to let us know if it was a boy or a girl.) We loved the time spent with June, who helped Cyndy finish designing a quilt she was a bit stuck on. A lot of "quilt design by committee" takes place here, and we love it. We decided it would be a good idea to adopt each other as sister stores. Sew Many Treasures new website is under construction, so keep an eye out for it. Welcome to the family, June, and a huge Hi to her fabulous colleagues: Sharon, Angelica, Nancy, Kieth, Donna, Pricilla, and Mary Jane.

Just a day or two later we enjoyed a visit from Vic Dadika, US sales manager for Northcott/Monarch fabrics based in Cyndy's home state of New Jersey. We really enjoyed the time spent looking at fabric samples with Vic and fellow sales rep Marilyn Drew. Turns out Northcott is the manufacturer of Mark Lipinski's fabrics, and we're big fans of Mark's. So, how do we get Mark to come visit us? Vic gave us a small clue. HELLO MARK, THERE ARE LIKE 90 FINE RESTAURANTS IN OUR IMMEDIATE AREA. Maybe that will get his attention. AND, we'll also give you some homemade jam. How does Grapefruit Marmalade sound? Plum?

Hey you Baby Boomer Rockers! Come and get it before it's gone! It's the Beatles (Yea!) fabric collection that includes a panel with different scenes from The Yellow Submarines. Too mcuh fun. We're imagining purses, collages, PJ bottoms, boxer shorts, and, of course, quilts. Hurry before it's gone.

Thanks to all our friends, old and new. Enjoy this gorgeous season!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jennifer's Urn of Roses

Kathy August's First Grade Caterpillar Quilt

Marby and Casey's Fans quilt

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

Oh the creativity of quilters! One great thing about working at the Quilter's Inn is seeing an incredible variety of quilts, and quilters. We love when our customers bring in the projects made from the fabrics we sell them. Spontaneous show and tell makes our day, so please come in as soon as you finish something.

Everyone who works here is a quilters, and we recently had a chance to share some of our own projects. Many of you know and love Marby Bennett, who teaches many of our classes, including the raucous, wonderful crowd at her Tuesday night drop-in, as well as her Thursday Beginner's group. Marby showed us a beautiful quilt that was the first she and her daughter Casey made together. Casey is now one of the most prolific quilters we have the pleasure to know.

And none of us can figure out how the heck the amazing Kathy August, Jane's right-hand woman, accomplishes all that she does. Kathy is shown here displaying a First Grade quilt based on Eric Carle's The Hungry Caterpillar.

Alethea Ballard, teacher by day and wild quilter the rest of the time, decided to make her own rendition of the French Roses quilt by Heather French. Love the way she used the different sized roses to surround the Lady.

Many of you may own Jennifer Rounds' pattern Rose Wreath, and may even have taken a class with her. Jennifer's newest quilt is a stunning abundance of dimensional roses in a beautiful blue and white urn. The quilt will be on display at the Pacific International Quilt Festival, which takes place in Santa Clara next week. Check out

Aprons are hot right now, and Beth Klingle at the is having a blast making them for adults and kids. Here she is modeling one of our favorites. Check her website at

NEW FABRIC FLASH: We received a beautiful new line called Gipsy Glitter from Art Gallery Fabrics, a manufacturer of some truly unique designs. Come see them, and pick up a free pattern while they last.

Tablecloths, tea towels, and layer cakes from Moda, oh my! Come and get em while they last.

One of the area's most beloved teachers/authors/quilters, Diana McClun, and her partner Laura Nownes are featured in the latest issue of Mark Lipinski's Quilter's Home. Love the sewing structure, Diana, and the fact that you included a kitchen so Laura can back cookies for your students!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Celebrities in the News

It was great visiting with local author and quilter Terri Thayer and her friends Ruth Carter and Maureen Lardie. Look for her quilt mysteries, Wild Goose Chase and Old Maid's Puzzle.

We've Got a Winner!

We wonder how many people were surprised by the weight of the ball, which was about 3.75 lbs. Shocked us when we put it on the scale at Lunardi's--thought it would come in much higher. Congratulations to Tina Kauffman of Alamo for her winning guesstimate! Here sister, Karen, wasn't as lucky, but we won't mention that at all.

To everyone who came in and dropped a guess in the box, had a piece of cake, and shopped during our 4th Anniversary event, a huge thank you! Hope you had as much fun as we did.

If you didn't make it in, there is still plenty of half-price bolts on hand. Think of all the backings you could stock up on!

From Me To You: Diamond Jubilee II

From Me To You:  Diamond Jubilee II
Cheryl - Kaffe Fasset Fabric