Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Glorius Spring

Has the weather been fantastic or what? Every year I forget how much sooner spring arrive here on the West coast. We moved here from Massachusetts ten years ago, and on April Fools Day that year it snowed 36"! So I fully appreciate the fact that the birds are singing, there are buds on many trees, and the daffodils are opening.

Today my friend Sheryl and I went for a walk up behind Westminster House off Hemme Ave in Alamo. There is a little parking area; check it out. If you have a dog, you can let him off leash. Today Ruby, Sheryl's dog, looked like she was just having a ball. The brook is gurgling again after having been "turned off", and there are buds everywhere. It was just what I personally needed to renew my spirits after that long rainy season.

Sheryl let me borrow her camera. I took a lot of shots, but these are my favorites.

I'm not so great at what I used to refer to as the "A" word, but which I now think is pretty wonderful. Our fabulous applique artists and friends Verna Mosquera and Laura Fraga are so inspiring. Laura has given me many tips, and I am getting bolder as a result. The branch of white and yellow flowers shown here may just have to be a quilt.

Stop in and see us soon. New fabric arrives just about every day. In the meantime, try a walk on the Iron Horse Trail. It's just too beautiful to be inside.

Most of all, have fun!


sheryl said...

Hey Cyndy--

Your photos are just stunning! And how fun to see "our morning" in glorious color the very same day. Ah, technological know-how-you're amazing.

Ruby's much needed bath turned the water quite brown...worth it to see her expression of pure joy.

PamKittyMorning said...

It looks pretty up there. And the shop was chock full of spring as well!

Mary's Cottage Quilts said...

Jane, Oh, I am SO jealous!! I can't even see the gound because of all the snow :( Enjoy the beauty there for me too!

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From Me To You:  Diamond Jubilee II
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