Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

One is silver, and the other is gold. I can't tell you how many times my mom sang that to me while I was growing up. It's turned out to be great advice.

Here at The Quilter's Inn we meet so many new people (and please forgive us if we don't always remember your names--we're all "of that age"). It's what makes working at the store such a pleasure. (OK, being surrounded by bolts of beautiful fabrics helps, too.)

There are a couple of groups who meet on a regular basis at The Quilter's Inn, including the Monday Drop In with the most wonderful teaching duo: Margaret Linderman and Janis Stob. A long-time student, Myrtle, is standing next to the quilt she just finished for one of her grandddaughters. Great job, Myrtle!

In the past couple of weeks we've made some new friends, including June Bugbee, owner of Sew Many Treasures in Williston, VT. June's son lives in the area, and he and his wife were expecting to deliver at any second, so June was just a little excited. (June, you have to let us know if it was a boy or a girl.) We loved the time spent with June, who helped Cyndy finish designing a quilt she was a bit stuck on. A lot of "quilt design by committee" takes place here, and we love it. We decided it would be a good idea to adopt each other as sister stores. Sew Many Treasures new website is under construction, so keep an eye out for it. Welcome to the family, June, and a huge Hi to her fabulous colleagues: Sharon, Angelica, Nancy, Kieth, Donna, Pricilla, and Mary Jane.

Just a day or two later we enjoyed a visit from Vic Dadika, US sales manager for Northcott/Monarch fabrics based in Cyndy's home state of New Jersey. We really enjoyed the time spent looking at fabric samples with Vic and fellow sales rep Marilyn Drew. Turns out Northcott is the manufacturer of Mark Lipinski's fabrics, and we're big fans of Mark's. So, how do we get Mark to come visit us? Vic gave us a small clue. HELLO MARK, THERE ARE LIKE 90 FINE RESTAURANTS IN OUR IMMEDIATE AREA. Maybe that will get his attention. AND, we'll also give you some homemade jam. How does Grapefruit Marmalade sound? Plum?

Hey you Baby Boomer Rockers! Come and get it before it's gone! It's the Beatles (Yea!) fabric collection that includes a panel with different scenes from The Yellow Submarines. Too mcuh fun. We're imagining purses, collages, PJ bottoms, boxer shorts, and, of course, quilts. Hurry before it's gone.

Thanks to all our friends, old and new. Enjoy this gorgeous season!

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