Monday, April 5, 2010

Great Balls of Fabric!!!

Do you have a hard time throwing scraps away?? When you look at left over pieces of fabric do you think "I can't get rid of these....what if I need them someday?" Or do you tell yourself, "I love this fabric so much, I'm sure I can find a use for it somewhere." Fast forward a few months/years/decades later and I bet you're like me, still clinging to those precious pieces! It's not a bad thing to hoard the fact, it could be a whole new way to get creative....
Obviously no good scraps go to waste here in the shop and we have saved so many that we've turned them into "Great Balls of Fabric!!" I bet you're wondering what I've got planned for all these balls of fun.....I'm gonna tell you.....just not yet! Stay tuned.

Keeping it all in the family....this week we had 4 (FOUR) generations of quilters from one family come into the shop and each of them is working on their own individual quilt!! These amazing women, Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother and Daughter have obviously adopted the motto "the family that quilts together stays together." How wonderful that their love of quilting is "binding" them together. Don't you just love stories like this??


Verna Mosquera's new fabric line "Heavenly Peace" is on our shelves!!
We have the complete line of her latest holiday inspired fabric along with Fat Quarter Bundles in these beautiful prints, plaids, florals and stripes that will make it easy for you to get inspired. It's never too early to start thinking about the...(gulp) holidays, right??? We've planned some really fun and exciting projects using Verna's new fabric line...I'll share more about that with you next time. If you want a sneak peek stop in the shop for a preview!

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